So, real estate? The industry that enables people to secure their dream houses, provides spaces for local and international businesses to thrive and shapes the future of communities.

It is an industry that can be both exciting and demanding given its fast-paced nature and if you are working in an agency with the right people, it will be rewarding, and can be a career for life.

At REIACT, we give you just that. Whether you’re new to real estate or an experienced professional, we provide pathways for your career advancement and development, allowing you to maximise your skills with REIACT member-agencies that value excellence and professionalism.



Why should I choose a career in real estate with a REIACT member?

Prestige and Recognition: Working with a REIACT member-agency connects you to a network of esteemed professionals, recognised for their high standards and ethical practices in the industry.

Commitment to Excellence: REIACT members are dedicated to maintaining the highest professional standards, providing clients with unparalleled service and expertise.

Industry Compliance and Best Practices: As a part of the REIACT community, employees benefit from working in an environment that adheres strictly to regulatory standards and industry best practices, ensuring a safe and reliable work setting.

Continual Professional Development: Gain access to exclusive training programs, seminars, and workshops offered by REIACT, keeping you at the forefront of industry trends and legislative changes.

Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional network through REIACT events, meetings and forums, connecting you with leaders and influencers in the real estate sector.

What benefits will I get from working with a REIACT Member?

Competitive Remuneration and Incentives: The industry is known for its reward-for-effort nature and offers attractive salary packages as well as performance-based rewards.

Work-Life Balance: This industry can be flexible—you get to manage your own time depending on your lifestyle.

Supportive and Inclusive Culture: We ensure that our members value collaboration, diversity, and professional growth.

Professional Growth: We recognise the importance of continued professional development, especially in our rapidly growing and changing industry. Our partners from the Real Mastery are qualified to deliver a wide range of training courses that suit your needs.

Community Engagement: With us, it’s not all about business. You will have a chance to give back by participating in initiatives that positively impact the ACT community and network with others in the industry – many real estate professionals in the ACT create lifelong friendships with like-minded colleagues from both within and outside of their own agencies.

What career opportunities or job roles will be available for me?

Do you love talking to people? Are you a negotiator? Do you enjoy a fast-paced environment?

Roles that need these skills are Sales Consultants, Sales agents, Auctioneers, and Business Development Managers.

Do you look forward to meeting new people? Are you a problem-solver or have a knack for resolving disputes diplomatically? These roles are waiting for you:

Commercial and Residential Property Managers, Commercial and Residential Strata Managers.

Do you love telling stories? Are you someone who finds joy in taking random photos and videos of people or places, or even better, houses or buildings? Do you enjoy designing your home or workspace? Get creative with these roles:

Marketing Specialist/Manager, Social Media Specialist/Manager, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Videographer, Content Producer, Researcher, Trainer

Are you into processes, lists and spreadsheets? Someone who takes pride in their colour-coded calendars, emails or file labels? Or maybe you enjoy coordinating, liaising or organising activities to boost team morale? You might be the go-to person that ensures the office is running smoothly in the background!

Examples of roles available to suit you would be Operations Manager/Assistant, Administration Manager/Assistant, Receptionist, or an Executive Assistant.

Ready to jumpstart your real estate career?

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